Want to start own ICO?
— we will help you!
ZONTO is a digital ecosystem which has many functional modules in its basis (social network, chats, wallet, job search etc.). And an essential part of ZONTO system is the platform for crowdfunding.
In the first wave of crowdfunding 10 projects will be chosen.
We will help them to hold their ICO campaigns from the very beginning until the tokens are listed on the exchanges.

We offer

Assistance in the drafting WhitePaper
User support in online chats and on forums
Consultation about project`s marketing
Listing of tokens at ZONTO cryptocurrency exchange
Drafting of the smart contract
Development of the own personal cabinet
Holding the bounty campaign
Support after ICO completion

Add own project

ZONTO is a social network with a platform for integrating additional modules and third-party services. System’s architecture allows any technological monobusiness to integrate its service through the API and to offer its services for ZONTO users. Business Agent is an alternative to CPA networks, and which is adapted not only for online, but also for offline business. B2C solutions are adapted for small and medium-sized businesses as a creation of direct, personalized relationships between the business and the client.

Services pricing

35 000$

Other providers of similar services will ask $100 000 and more, or they will want to receive 30-50% from the cash raised, as the reward for their work. We are against of such approach. ZONTO interest is in developing of our ecosystem and not in receiving other ICO raisings.

Participation in the ICO crowdfunding on the ZONTO platform is fixed, and has a lump-sum payment of 35 000 $. Without any percentage from raisings, hidden charges or additional conditions.

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